Location: New York, NY
Founders: Jason Bravman & Georgina Gooley
Invested: Pre-Seed, September 2017

For much of the past 50 years, the women’s shaving category has remained largely unevolved and uninspired. Prices were considerably higher than comparable men’s razors and the marketing message from big brands was unrealistic and out of touch with the realities of female personal care. All of that changed in November 2017 with the launch of Billie, a female-first personal care brand focused on bringing a new perspective and price point to the category.

First, Billie eliminated the so-called “pink tax” or the higher price women pay for similar products as men through a $9/month subscription feature. Then, they became the first personal care brand to depict female body hair in a marketing campaign for a razor, a move intended to empower women with regards to the choices they make about their bodies. All the while, Billie has continued to push the boundaries of innovation and culture through an inclusive, fun and relatable brand that exists to please and delight its customers.

We met Billie Co-Founders Jason Bravman and Georgina Gooley in August of 2017 as they were preparing for a launch later that year. Billie was the fifth investment made by Lakehouse.