Location: New York, NY
Founders: Lola Priego
Invested: Pre-Seed, January 2020


Access to data and information for many aspects of everyday life has never been more readily available. But still, we know very little about our individual biochemistry and the markers that affect things like sleep, energy, immunity and stress. Base is an at-home lab testing and digital tracking app that allows users to monitor hormones, vitamin levels, neurotransmitters and blood cell markers so they can better understand their health and bodies. Base uses an at-home finger prick or saliva test and pairs results with science, mathematics and predictive analytics to track how specific biomarkers impact overall wellness.

Founded by former Amazon and Instagram engineer, Lola Priego, Base was built out of the frustrations and learnings she had while trying to gain a better understanding of her health. We met Lola in October 2019 and led the pre-seed round in Base in January 2020. Base was the fifteenth investment made by Lakehouse.