Location: San Francisco, CA
Founders: Laura Modi, Sarah Hardy
Invested: Seed Round, September 2018


Nearly 70% of new moms will use formula at some point in the first year of their newborns’ lives. For some moms it's because of an inability to produce enough milk. For others, the demands of a work schedule and breastfeeding are simply untenable. So naturally, formula is an important component in meeting the nutritional needs of infants and modern parents are looking the healthiest option available.

Bobbie was founded by Laura Modi and Sarah Hardy, two moms who experienced the pressures and constraints of breastfeeding and wanted to create a nutritionally sound product that would also give parents peace of mind. Bobbie brings together a team of food scientists, medical experts and a community of moms that are looking to remove the stigma of formula and evolve the dialogue from how we feed to what we feed our babies. We met Sarah and Laura in the summer of 2018 and invested in Bobbie's seed round that September. Bobbie was the eighth investment at Lakehouse.