Location: Los Angeles, CA
Founders: Nick Taranto, Jordan Bass
Invested: Pre-Seed, August 2020

It's no secret that consumers have been drinking less alcohol in recent years as part of an overall cultural movement toward better health. New non-alcoholic brands have emerged in the liquor category but beer hasn't innovated as quickly. HopWtr was created for people that love the taste of beer, but want an alternative that is lighter and healthier. It's best described as a cross between a hoppy IPA and a flavored sparkling water with the addition of nootropics and adaptogens to help relax and unwind.

HopWtr was Founded by Nick Taranto and Jordan Bass in 2020. Nick was previously the founder of Plated and Jordan was leading e-commerce at the Wonderful Company when they teamed up to create a product that they're both the target customer for. We met Nick and Jordan during the summer of 2020 and led the pre-seed round for HopWtr in August. Hopwtr was 18th investment made by Lakehouse.