Location: New York, NY
Founders: Nami Baral
Invested: Pre-Seed, November 2018

Each year, US banks charge their customers over $100 billion in fees for anything from overdraft to account maintenance. These fees can add up to hundreds of dollars, and for many customers, further complicates their financial situation. Harvest helps consumers automatically negotiate bank fees and minimize bad debt through a streamlined negotiation process. Using a proprietary alorithm, Harvest identifies transactions that may qualify for reimbursement and then acts on behalf of the customer to return eligible fees. Since lauching in early 2019, Harvest has helped tens of thousands of customers get cash back into their accounts.

Harvest Platform's larger mission is to build products and tools that can help consumers better manage the stress that comes with paying off student loans, mortgages and credit card debt. We met Harvest Founder and CEO, Nami Baral in the Fall of 2018. Harvest was the ninth investment made by Lakehouse.

Harvest was acquired by Acorns in February of 2021.