Location: New York, NY
Founders: Kendall Dabaghi & Ravi Sheth
Invested: Pre-Seed, December 2019

Many of the most popular foods in the world are made up of communities of microbes -- chocolate, cheese and yogurt are a few that come to mind. These foods were discovered by accident, but the microbial communities underlying them represent the most scalable manufacturing technology on earth.

Kingdom Supercultures is harnessing the power of biology to access millions of undiscovered, natural microbes to create a new category of healthy and great-tasting foods. Zero-calorie fermented sodas, beers with novel new flavors and yogurt-like smoothies are among the foods Kingdom is working on bringing to market.

Kingdom Co-Founders Kendall Dabaghi and Ravi Sheth met while doing systems biology and microbiome research at Columbia University. Kendall's personal journey to better understand how the foods he was eating were impacting his health and Ravi's pioneering research are core to the company's vision of creating better foods to combat a global epidemic of chronic illness.

We met Kendall and Ravi in October 2019 and led the pre-seed round of financing for Kingdom in December 2019.