Location: New York, NY
Founders: Claudia Recchi, Carolina Recchi
Invested: Seed, March 2020

The need for new ways to engage and retain students at US universities has never been greater. Enrollment and retention rates were already in decline before the global pandemic of 2020 arrived. To tackle the college dropout crisis, EdSights has created a chatbot that sends personalized messages to students to better understand their biggest stresses -- things like financial aid, food security and mental health. It translates those learnings into a dashboard that allows administrators to get a better understanding of students' sentiment and flag those that might be at risk of dropping out.

EdSights was founded by sisters Carolina and Claudia Recchi who built the product based on their experiences as college students who had recently moved to the United States from Italy. We met the Recchi sisters in March 2020 and invested shortly thereafter. EdSights is the sixteenth investment by Lakehouse.