Location: New York, NY
Founder: Zak Normandin
Invested: Pre-Seed, May 2016

Despite massive shifts in technology and consumer tastes, the global beverage industry has been slow to innovate relative to other consumer product categories. The vast majority of beverages are still purchased in a supermarket or grocery store and brands have very little direct information about who is buying their products or why. Changes were afoot in the summer of 2015 when Dirty Lemon launched one of the first direct-to-consumer beverage brands and only made it available via text message. The vision for Dirty Lemon was to build a modern beverage brand that could have a more intimate relationship with the consumer.

With the premise that the future of beverage will be built around data, technology and a direct relationship with the customer, Dirty Lemon launched Iris Nova in late 2018. Iris Nova is a tech-enabled distribution platform featuring frictionless ordering and on-demand delivery for third-party, private label and internally created brands. We met Founder Zak Normandin in the summer of 2015 as he was exiting his prior business and starting to conceptualize Dirty Lemon. Dirty Lemon was the first investment made by Lakehouse.