Location: Brooklyn, NY
Founders: Sarah Stites, Kristin Glenn, Erica Murphy
Invested: Pre-Seed, April 2019

Nearly half of American adults are actively trying to lose weight. The vast majority are using outdated programs rooted in calorie deprivation and excessive exercise. Still, over 90% of attempts to reach a healthy body weight are unsuccessful. Wavelength is approaching the category differently, with a weight loss program that combines mindfulness behavioral therapy, neuroscience and nutrition. Through audio-based content, Wavelength is providing a set of behavior modification tools to help users to better understand the emotions around eating, reduce cravings and eat better.

Wavelength was started by Sarah Stites who has a very personal connection to the topic. Sarah lost over 150 lbs over during her own personal weightloss journey and has maintained a healthy body weight for over a decade. With the help of nutritionists and behavioral psychologists, Sarah has now productized the tools and techniques that helped her while simultaneously building a community rooted in empathy and compassion. We met Sarah in April of 2019 and led her pre-seed round. Wavelength was the tenth investment made by Lakehouse.