Location: New York, NY
Founders: Fred Dijols, Stella Kim, Vinnie Dam
Invested: Pre-Seed, February 2018


If you own a dog or a cat, you know that pets are family. As a result, consumers are demanding healthier food, superior products and more compassionate care for the furry members of their families. While much of the pet industry has evolved for these new norms, the experience for prescribing, fulfilling and delivering pet medications hadn't quite adapted, until Mixlab. Taking its cues from the best consumer brands, Mixlab has combined technology and an animal-first approach to the pet pharmacy.

By modernizing the process for ordering, customizing medications for flavors like bacon or chicken and offering same-day delivery, they’ve established a standard for animal care that is more in line with the demands of today’s pet owners. Founded by a team of animal lovers and pharmacists, Mixlab opened its first pharmacy in New York City in late 2017 and a second location in Los Angeles in May 2020. We met Mixlab CEO, Fred Dijols in the summer of 2017 as the team was getting ready to launch and led the pre-seed round of funding for the company. Mixlab was the sixth investment made by Lakehouse.