Location: New York, NY
Founders: Brian Carey
Invested: Pre-Seed, March 2017

Despite advances in connectivity and data analytics, elevators are the one piece of machinery in buildings where maintenance has been done pretty much the same way for decades. Due to challenges in the accuracy and modes for data collection, property managers, building owners and service technicians have limited means to understand equipment performance. As a result, outages can be unpredictable and costly.  Using non-invasive signal acquisition, Knaq has created a digital feedback loop for elevators that provides real time operating data and usage-based, predictive data recommendations.

Through its remote monitoring technology, Knaq is bringing safety, reliability and better equipment efficiency to the 15 million elevators globally that remain unconnected and offline. We originally met Knaq Founder Brian Carey in August 2016 and led a pre-seed investment into the company the following March. Knaq was the second investment made by Lakehouse.