Location: New York, NY
Founders: Kait Stephens, Zack Morrison
Invested: Pre-Seed, February 2021


Every consumer brand on the planet is looking for ways to better reach and engage with their customers. The painpoint is particularly acute for brands that sell through third party retailers and lose that ability to connect directly connection with the customer. BRIJ has created a solution through a one-touch product registration system which connects physical products to digital experiences. With a single touch, BRIJ allows consumers to quickly restock, access product info or receive discounts while giving brands a deeper understanding of their customer.

BRIJ was founded in 2020 by Kait Stephens and Zack Morrison who met while in business school. We originally met Kait and Zack in late 2020 and led the pre-seed round of financing for BRIJ in February 2021. BRIJ is the 21st investment for Lakehouse.